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AR Device - Meta Internship

Designed UX for an AR wearable device to improve users' social experience at Meta Reality Labs in Burlingame, CA.
AR Product Design Intern
NDA (AR Device at Meta Reality Labs)
May, 2022 - Aug, 2022
12 weeks
Tools Used
Figma, After Effects,
Spark AR

My Impact

Shipped full end-to-end flow within a short period, collaborating with cross-functional partners across all stages, from research, design, to execution.
Built vision, ran user research, and defined product framework using animated and interactive prototypes using Figma, Spark AR, and After Effects.
Created cohesion and strong integration by delivering designs that can be applied to multiple teams.


Bringing visuals is helpful when sharing initial ideas with cross-functional partners. By sharing low-fidelity explorations and visual references, I could better communicate with engineers, product managers, and UX researchers about the feasibility and timeline.
Managing multiple projects by setting priorities.  I set up priorities based on the project timeline, user priorities, and business needs. Setting up priorities and sharing them during meetings also helped me be more flexible. 
Being pro-active, creative, and bold! At first, it was challenging to explore an area that has not been explored before. I reached out to cross-functional partners in and out of my team to get insights and feedback. Through this process, I was able to create new interactions and AR effects, bringing new perspective to what the team can do with social experiences. 

My Overall Experience

My internship experience was filled with learning new things, meeting incredible people, and being bold and creative. I had the privilege of working with some of the most talented and kind-hearted people during the 12-week internship. I learned and grew so much as a designer.​
All of my work during the internship is under an NDA. Please reach out to me if you have any questions regarding my work.
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