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Marmot Mobile APP

Marmot is a social media app based on maps and places. Through this app, express your great experiences with photos, texts, and customizable maps, and find new places your friends recommend. Just simply pin the places you want to go, post, and share!

This app is currently under development and is expecting beta tests for user feedback before registering to the app store.
Project Deliverable
Mobile APP
Website Design
Interaction Design
Leah Lee - Lead Designer
Rey Kim - Marketing manager /Programmer
Garam Choi - Programme
Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop, Sketch,
Cinema 4D, Adobe After Effects, Zeplin


Value we create

We create a tool for people to create their own map to record their journeys and create values when shared with others. The shared contents create a platform that helps people access personalized information from an ocean of meaningless information.


When I find restaurants I wish to go, look for museums worth visiting, look for cafes with great coffee, I usually use an internet search or app. But the places sometimes are a lot different from what I saw on the internet, and sometimes they aren’t pleasant experiences at all. So I started to receive recommendations directly from acquaintances with similar interests, not general recommendations. They told me their stories based on experiences and I felt great satisfaction when visiting those places. If I hadn’t asked my friend living in Seoul, I wouldn’t have known about the small coffee shop in Seoul where I can look at and try DSLR camera lens, and if I hadn’t asked my friend in Hong Kong, I wouldn’t have known which egg tart shop is the best in Hong Kong.

Key features/Goals

  • Stories on a Map. We value words you write and pictures you take (or beautifully drawn paintings). We provide a simple way to build a map with your own words and pictures. Show us great locations you explored, we will keep it organized. You can also just share links to anyone and they will read your maps instantly
  • Customizable maps
  • Build Maps with a Team. We believe in teams and collaboration. Add co-editors and build a great map with your team. All the writers will be recognized and remembered as the great explorers
  • Discover for more: We respect your experience with us. We try to offer posts that interest you based on your searches and likes. 
  • Make it Private! We understand you might not want to share with all, but only with your close friends and family. Make it private and allow them to see it only with the link you have. 

User Research


Style Guide

Design Concept

Style Guide


Visual Design




I’ve thought a lot about how to organize various information that users want using the Traveler app. I’ve thought about the principal reason why people go on trips and focused on what they want to gain from the experience. During research about the app, I pondered about what kind of information I need for my trip to Hong Kong, and what I should know beforehand. Also, I realized that it’s really important for both experienced and novice travelers to find out the joy of planning trips. Lastly, I studied different user types. People who like to travel spontaneously or people who don’t keep track of their trips can also use this app to gain information.
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