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Halloween AR HoloLens

Augmented reality Halloween-themed world that was created with Unity. Users can wear HoloLens to catch ghosts with their hands and drag them into the magic soup to rescue the children.
Project Deliverable
AR Design
Game Design
3D Design
Fall 2021
(2 weeks)
Tools Used
Unity 3D
Artists: Leah, Sherine
Programmers: Yiming, Kristin
Sound Designer: Yigang



Create a highly interactive world where the guest or guests must help Character A achieve a goal. Character B stands in the way of that goal in some fashion, and is frightening or intimidating to Character A. 

My Role

As a 3D Artist in the team, my responsibility was to create 3D models in Cinema 4D, put textures using Substance Painter, and import the .fbx models into Unity 3D. In Unity, I added lighting, color, and post-processing. Our team ran user tests with naïve guests to see if the guests can understand the overall plot,  I participated in the whole process from brainstorming, and playtesting, to the presentation. 

Overall Process

Frame 2 (3).png

HoloLens Game Play

Anchor 1


Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 1.54.10 AM.png

Unity 3D Interaction

interaction.2021-10-08 01_39_08.gif
ghost red.2021-10-08 01_35_22.gif
video trim.2021-09-26 03_35_20.2021-10-08 01_27_11.gif

Final Design

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