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Astrobeat VR Oculus Quest 2

A space-themed rhythm game for the Oculus Quest 2 using hand tracking
Project Deliverable
VR Design, Game Design,
3D Design
Tool Used
Oculus Quest 2, Unity 3D, Cinema 4D, Substance Painter
Fall 2021 (one week)
3D Artist: Leah
Shader Designer: Justin

Programmers: Lochlan, Caitlyn
Sound Designer: Yuchan


VR Game Play

Hit the holographic bongos to the beat in order to blast asteroids away from your spaceship and escape the asteroid field.

My Role

As a 3D Artist in the team, my responsibility was to create 3D models in Cinema 4D, put textures using Substance Painter, and import the .fbx models into Unity 3D. In Unity, I added lighting, color, and post-processing. Our team ran user tests with naïve guests to see if the guests can understand the overall plot,  I participated in the whole process from brainstorming, and playtesting, to the presentation.

Design Workflow

in Cinema 4D
with Substance Painter
Lighting & Post-processing
with Unity

Overall Process

Frame 2 (3).png

3D Design

Modeling, texturing, lighting using Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Unity 3D.

Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking Interaction

trim.2021-10-14 23_34_07.gif
Round3_Team49_FinalVideo_2.2021-11-17 21_54_39.gif
Round3_Team49_FinalVideo_1_1.2021-11-17 21_55_29.gif
Untitled.2021-11-20 18_33_53.gif

Final Design

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