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Traveler Mobile APP

Traveler app helps to come up with travel itineraries. Through this app, users can search for places to go and find information about their destinations. Also, they can efficiently record and share places they’ve already been to.
Project Deliverable
Mobile application Interaction design
Spring 2017
(2 months)
Tools Used
Sketch, Principle, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator


The Problem

There are many things to prepare before traveling. There is too much information on the internet about places to travel, but because of the difficulty of preparing travel for the first time, it can be highly stressful for novice travelers to plan ahead. Not only is choosing their destination hard but even after reaching their decision, it’s time-consuming and difficult to search the country’s culture, transportation, currency at such one by one. Furthermore, if one doesn’t keep notes, it’s hard to remember where they’ve been to after their travels. Even for travelers with many experiences, it may be frustrating not knowing how to keep record.

Project Goals

  • Check the travel itinerary at a glance
  • Easy search for places to visit
  • Basic information and recommended spots about travel destinations
  • Visually efficient record on places I’ve already visited
  • Easily recognizable UI, visually well-organized

How might we questions

How might we efficiently search, plan and record our travels using one app?

How can users find planning for travels fun, and not just simply stressful?


I’ve researched many travel apps already in the market, and have asked people of various age how they plan their travels. Many of the existing apps allow searching for places to travel, or for recording places, but very few apps provide all the features from planning to recording. This makes it difficult for users to gather information.

User Research



Using this single app, Traveler, people can take care of pre-travel planning, search during travels, and record after travels. They can check the recommended places or find places they want to visit by category. They can also refer to courses other people have previously visited, to make planning easier. The reviews users leave can not only help other users but also act as documents for other users' travels.

Design Concept

Style Guide / UI Icon design

I’ve used many light, vivid colors to bring out the excitement of travel.
The san-serif font is easy to read and modern. The Frutiger font used a lot in airports and subway signs, gives off a sense of going on a journey.

Icon designs are important regardless of the apps. Because icons can be more intuitive than texts, icons were placed for categories and menus. Many icons related to travel were made so that users can enjoy looking at them.
Style Guide
Screen Shot 2021-10-11 at 2.00.08 AM copy.png



Visual Design

Visual Deign



I’ve thought a lot about how to organize various information that users want using the Traveler app. I’ve thought about the principal reason why people go on trips, and focused on what they want to gain from the experience. During research about the app, I pondered about what kind of information I need for my trip to Hong Kong, and what I should know beforehand. Also, I realized that it’s really important for both experience and novice travelers to find out the joy of planning trips. Lastly, I studied about different user types. People who like to travel spontaneously or people who don’t keep track of their trips can also use this app to gain information.
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