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Finance Mobile APP

This app helps manage assets. Users can easily transact and receive money, as well as manage outlays.


Project Deliverable
Mobile APP, Icon design Interaction Design, UI Illustration

2019 Spring (1 month)

Tools Used
Sketch, Principle, Adobe Illustrator


The Problem

Through research on conventional bank apps, I realized that the existing apps are difficult for users to use because of their difficult vocabulary and features that aren’t intuitive. There are too many functions within the application, so it is hard to find the function in need. The graph and charts of the detailed statement are complicated, so it is hard to manage assets without a finance manager.

So I asked...

How can I intuitively design it so that it is not difficult for people to use it?

How can I make people feel that the asset management application is enjoyable and emotional?

Project Goals

  • Make sending and receiving money function intuitively

  • Make it user-friendly

  • Allow users to receive a status check through expert’s feedback 

  • Make it easy to see the infographic on a detailed statement 


This application will facilitate the management of assets for the users. The users can check the main functions on the main page and check the detailed statement and overview through graphs. Information will be delivered by illustration with a visual trigger, so it is catchy when you are almost close to your saving goal, sending money back and forth, and checking the statistics. Users can get comments from experts through evaluation and they can easily understand where to improve. 


Style Guide

The application used overall of blue color so it can emphasize its reliability. Simple icons drawn with lines create a neat and minimal look. The application uses a lot of illustrations to be emotional appealing and to make users feel enjoyable.  



UI Illustrations


Visual Design



When I first decided to make an application related to finance, I thought it would be hard to design a functional application without the vast knowledge of asset management and banking system. So, I used a lot of finance application from different countries and analyzed them and consulted with experts in the field. Through analyzing the advantages and disadvantages from different applications, I found a solution on why users think it is complicated and hard. I thought about how to express the heavy topic and a lot of information in an engaging way. I drew and illustration myself to make the UI emotional appealing. It took a lot of effort to create all the illustrations and icons, but I was able to convey a unified brand experience through providing visual of unified tone and mood.

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