Einstein’s Dream Book

Adobe Design Awards Semifinalist - Commercial - Print / Graphic / Illustration

This project focuses on image development based on abstract concepts and visual organization in a multiple page document. The main content is three excerpts from Alan Lightman’s book Einstein’s Dreams. Lightman’s book presents thirty short scenarios on the nature of time. Lightman expresses these different concepts of time in physical form. Each world or description of time is given a physical structure—giving the abstract a concrete form. This is both a book about space and time and a surrealist fable. I designed a book on the topic of time and space. Repetition, rhythm, movement, etc. were expressed by using various images and visual effects. Einstein's handwriting, inserted in several parts of the book, reinforced the topic of science, space and time, adding visual fun. The chapter, which represented the reverse of time’s flowing, was printed on transparent materials so that the text could be read in reverse.

Project Deliverable
Book Design

Fall 2018

Tools Used
Adobe Indesign
Adobe Photoshop

The whole book


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