Detective VR Oculus Qest 2

Virtual reality film-noir game that was created with Unity.
My role was to come up with the concept and design the 3D space and textures.
Project Deliverable
VR Design
Game Design
3D Design
Fall 2021
(2 weeks)
Tools Used
Oculus Quest 2
Unity 3D
Substance Painter
Artists: Leah, Zizhou
Programmers: Cleo, James
Sound Designer: Tuesday



Wear Oculus Quest 2 and find evidence in the scene to find the suspect.


At approximately 9:10 PM last night, the heiress Florence Von Swan's prized emerald necklace was stolen from her study. It's now up to you, rookie detective Ruby Retriever, to crack the case. Walk around the scene of the crime and collect clues before choosing one of two suspects: Lucie Goose and Benedict Bear.

3D Design

Modeling, texturing, lighting using Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Unity 3D.
Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 2.20.46 AM
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Screen Shot 2021-10-08 at 2.39.59 AM
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box.2021-10-08 02_41_07.gif

Oculus Quest 2 Game Play Interaction

3.2021-10-08 02_48_08.gif
2.2021-10-08 02_48_32.gif
1.2021-10-08 02_47_16.gif
accuse.2021-10-08 02_48_05.gif

Final Design

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