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Astrobeat VR Oculus Quest 2

A space-themed rhythm game for the Oculus Quest 2 using hand tracking
My role was to create the 3D space modeling and textures.
Project Deliverable
VR Design
Game Design
3D Design
Fall 2021
(1 week)
Tools Used
Oculus Quest 2
Unity 3D
Cinema 4D
Substance Painter
3D Artist: Leah
Shader Designer: Justin
Programmers: Lochlan, Caitlyn
Sound Designer: Yuchan



Hit the holographic bongos to the beat in order to blast asteroids away from your spaceship and escape the asteroid field!

3D Design

Modeling, texturing, lighting using Cinema 4D, Substance Painter, and Unity 3D.
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Oculus Quest 2 Hand Tracking Interaction

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Round3_Team49_FinalVideo_2.2021-11-17 21_54_39.gif
Round3_Team49_FinalVideo_1_1.2021-11-17 21_55_29.gif
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Final Design

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