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ArtBash Branding

ArtBash is the annual year-end exhibition and event produced by the students and faculty of the Department of Contemporary Practices in partnership with the Department of Exhibitions and Exhibition Studies at SAIC.
School of the Art Institute of Chicago (Contemporary Practice Department)
Project Deliverable
Poster Design
Brand Identity
Motion Graphics
Fall 2019 (2 month)
Tools Used
Adobe Photoshop
Cinema 4D
Adobe After Effect

Concept Overview

The concept of the ArtBash poster is to show the process of creating original work of art and express the craftsmanship. The charm of ArtBash is that it shows the uniqueness, creativity and vision of freshmen through their work that have been created without being limited to departments, using a variety of materials, and techniques. To visually realize the concept, I have included different types of texture, colors, fields of art, medium, and a sense of space. Moreover, I expressed the art-making process and craftsmanship of artists in a playful way. Overall, the poster resembles a unique art gallery.

Main Event Poster


Due Date Posters

Font & Colors


Font & Colors


Brand Identity

The logo was made as if the sculpture was painted. I used the 3D text so that it fits well with the spacious poster.

Social Media Graphics

Style Guide
Motion Graphics
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