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Hi, I'm Leah, a product designer
with a passion for 3D and AR/VR

Incoming at Duolingo, Samsung America
Current grad student at Carnegie Mellon University

Previously worked with Meta, Google, and Adobe

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© Copyright Leah Lee

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💻 Selected work


Internship, UX Design, AR Design 

Designed user experience for an AR device to improve users' social experience at Meta Reality Labs

UX Design, AR Design

Created a unique art rental experience through Augmented Reality

Service Design

Service design supporting children to discover, explore, and engage in a comfortable and effective way

UX Design

Designed an easy and intuitive transaction and management assets flow
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UX Design, Case Study 

Supported students make a mentor-mentee relationship through personalized search.

Sponsored Project, Data Viz, 3D 

Explored the visualization of machine learning models and data science

UX Design, Case Study 

Allowed travelers to up with travel itineraries. Search and find information about places to visit 

Branding, 3D Design

Designed exhibition posters for ArtBash, an annual art exhibition at SAIC.

🎨 What I've been up to

Augmented/Virtual Reality, Game Design

Motion Graphic

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